Growing A Raleigh SaaS Business With SEO

The Problem

The technology SaaS company, operating in the telecommunication sector of Raleigh, North Carolina, came to Raleigh SEO Agency with a significant online presence, boasting 100,000 organic visitors monthly. However, given the rapidly evolving tech landscape and intensifying competition in the telecommunication niche, their growth had plateaued. While their numbers were impressive, they weren’t seeing the kind of growth necessary to dominate their sector. The vast potential of the market remained untapped, indicating a need to recalibrate their SEO strategy to break through the traffic ceiling and capture a larger share of the potential leads.

The solution

Raleigh SEO Agency dived deep into understanding the nuanced requirements of the telecommunication industry and the specific challenges faced by SaaS companies. Recognizing the advanced needs of such a major player, we devised a multi-faceted SEO plan that involved aggressive content marketing, technical SEO refinements, and targeted keyword strategies aimed at the telecommunication sector. Our dedicated approach to building high-quality backlinks, combined with the creation of industry-specific content, amplified their online authority. As a result, we not only dramatically boosted their organic traffic to over 2,500,000 visitors a month but also increased their monthly customer leads by an astounding 1,150%, repositioning them as an undeniable industry leader in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh seo agency client results

Results of Working With Raleigh SEO Agency

  • Increased organic traffic from 100,000 organic visitors a month to over 2,500,000 organic visitors a month.
  • Increased organic customer leads by over 1,150%
  • Developed the SEO channel into the #1 customer acquisition channel.

Scope of work.

  • Technical SEO Audit & Improvements
  • On-Page SEO Enhancement
  • Content Creation
  • Continued Website Monitoring & Analysis

“Andrew and the team at Raleigh SEO Agency were a breath of fresh air! They are local to Raleigh, NC and have experience working with local home service businesses like mine. We have seen incredible month-over-month organic traffic gains. I highly recommend them!”

– Jared, CMO of Ping Solar Company